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This instruction shows the first step-by-step IPSec configuration via the HTML-Wizard to enable a secure connection between two networks. This instruction shows an example configuration of a X1200II (Image 7.2.1 patch9) with DynDNS and Preshared Keys. The second router (e.g. VPN25) is configured equal to the X1200II. 

This FAQ describes the configuration of a VPN-IPSec Peer with IKE Config Mode and a Xauth profile on a bintec router. A bintec R3002 featuring software version 7.9.1 patch 2 is used in the example. Other bintec routers with comparable software versions are configured identically. The configuration is effected via Setup Tool.The Xauth profile is optional and does not need to be chosen when using the IKE Config Mode.

This instruction shows the step-by-step configuration of an IPSec backup with a direct ISDN dial-up to the IPSec remote site. In this case a VPN 25 dials up to a X1200 II. Both devices have revision 7.1.12.

This FAQ describes the configuration of an IPSec connection between an Apple iPhone and a bintec R3000 router using the Setup Tool.

This FAQ describes the IPSec connection between an R232bw running the FCI Software 7.4.4 patch 2 and a R1200 with Software version 7.4.3 patch 5. Both sites have dynamic IP addresses. The configuration is done with the graphical Funkwerk Configuration Interface (FCI) on the R232bw and the Setup Tool on the R1200.

This instruction shows the step-by-step IPSec configuration of a  Bintec router to establish a secure connection between a branch office and the head office (example with image 7.1.12p1 IPSec). Preshared Key is used for authentication.

This FAQ is a short introduction of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and certificates and shows the step-by-step configuration of a LAN-to-LAN connection with the usage of certificates.
The authentication method in this case is RSA-Signature.
The configuration is illustrated with a X1200 and a X4100 with SW-Release 6.3.4 beta 4 IPSec.

Since IPSec Image 7.1.1 it is possible to configure different IPSec profiles for phase 1 and phase 2. Therefore coexistent IPSec peers can be configured with PreSharedKeys and Certificates (see Release Notes 7.1.1 for more details).

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