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Category: VPN - IPSec Client

This FAQ describes the VPN IPSec configuration of a Bintec X2302  (revision 7.1.15 patch 4) in alliance with the Bintec Secure IPSec Client (version 1.11 Build 90).

This FAQ describes how to configure an IPSec connection with the FEC Secure IPSec Client (V 1.30 build 86) to a R232bw (Rev. 7.4.4 patch 2) with the new graphical Funkwerk Configuration Interface (FCI).

This FAQ contains a reference to licensing of the different versions of the bintec Secure IPSec Clients and the specifics of the particular Microsoft operating systems.

This FAQ describes the configuration of an IPSec connection with the IPSecuritas Client from an Apple MAC to the bintec IPSec test gateway.

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