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Export of a SIA file (Support Information Application)
This FAQ describes the procedure to export a SIA file (Support Information Application).

With release 9.1.1, a new tool called SIA (Support Information Application) was introduced. The task of this tool is to collect comprehensive information of the current system state and log them into a file, which is required for analysis in support or development.

The file will be exported from the maintenance page of the device. This page is reachable via browser by using the IP address or URL of the device with appended /maint. Example for a router with ip address

To login, use your regular GUI username / password.
At the bottom of the page there is the section "Start Application Support Information". Here click on "Go" button:

The following pop-up window must be confirmed with OK:

When using Internet Explorer, it may happen that the browser wants to close the window, so please click "No".

Afterwards you can locally save the .txt file, which is named by default after the model of the device (eg. "RS353jw.txt").


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