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Hints for updating a bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client from Windows 7 to Windows 8
When you first install the bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client on a Windows 8 system, there are no restrictions.

We recommend to deinstall the bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client before updating the OS from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Please save the configuration data as well as all used certificates separately. If the update to Windows 8 is finished, please download / install the latest version of the bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client.

There might be some errors in the Windows Registry regarding the bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client when upgrading the system with Windows 7 which has still running a bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client. In order to avoid this errors (if you intend you keep using the bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client on the Windows system), we recommend the following procedure when performing an upgrade:

  • Back up the bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client profile settings ("Configuration / Profile Settings Backup / Create") - the file "NCPPHONE.SAV" is saved in the installation directory.
  • Ensure a backup copy of any PKCS#12 based certificate file available. In the case of certificates that are stored in the Microsoft CSP User Certificate Store, either follow Microsoft instructions for back up the CSP store or ensure the original certificates used to populate the CSP store are available.
  • Copy all backup files to a backup medium.
  • Upgrade the OS software to Windows 8
  • Install the latest version of bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client software by running the "setup" program on the bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client software media. The "setup" program automatically recognizes that the software is already installed and only upgrades those files necessary and preserves all existing profile settings.
  • The backup files will only be needed in the unlikely event that the bintec-elmeg Secure IPSec Client profile settings or certificates become corrupted.

Updating to Windows 8.1
After an update  to Windows 8.1, the previously installed and licensed IPSec Client is no longer functional. Before the Windows update, de-install the software keeping the current configuration settings, and then install the current version of the IPSec Client software (2.32 build 161 or newer) on Windows 8.1.



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