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VoIP connection with X-Lite via IPSec from a notebook to a bintec router. The configuration is effected via FCI.
This FAQ describes the configuration of a VoIP connection via IPSec from a notebook to a bintec router.

Preliminary notes
A VoIP connection with X-Lite via IPSec from a notebook to a bintec router is shown at the example of a bintec R3000. A 4-channel DSP module is required for using the R3000 as a media gateway. Thus, the R3000 is able to switch up to four calls at the same time between the VoIP network and the traditional telephony. The two integrated ISDN S0 ports can be changed from TE-  to NT-mode by using a jumper. For more details regarding the jumper configuration, please have either a look at the inscription at the casing over or at the release notes 7.5.1. The bintec R3000 features software version 7.9.2. Other bintec routers with comparable software versions are configured identically. The configuration is effected via FCI (web-interface).

Configuration of the bintec R3000 router
In this scenario, the ISDN port bri2-0 was put in NT-mode by using the internal jumper. Thus you are able to connect an ISDN telephone directly. The configuration of the ISDN port is effected as follows:

The configuration of the end devices and/or the VoIP applications is effected in the menu item "VoIP / Media Gateway / Extensions":

In this example, the internet telephone access of the R3000 is provided by the VoIP provider sipgate. Please type in your login data for the sip account in this menu:

The menu item “Call Routing” enables you to configure the forwarding of outgoing calls. The example shows calls which are all forwarded via the sip-provider.

In the menu item “Call Translation” you can configure the transfer of internal and external call numbers.

Finally, please activate the media gateway function in the menu “Options”.

Configuration of the VoIP application at a notebook
The IPSec configuration of the bintec Secure IPSec Client is not shown here. Please find more examples on our homepage at “VPN-IPSec Client”.
In this example, X-Lite is used as VoIP application. The configuration is effected in the menu item “Properties of Account1”. Please type in the LAN-IP-address of the R3000 router at the menu item “Domain”. The application can thus log on as an internal extension.

As soon as the VoIP-application has been logged onto the R3000, it will also appear as an active internal extension:

Testing a VoIP-connection
In this example, the new “internal” extension 31 (VoIP-application at a notebook) calls extension 20:

Calling control at the R3000
The menu item “Monitoring / ISDN/Modem" can show the current calls:


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