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Internet connection with a bintec router and an external USB UMTS stick. Configuration via FCI (web interface)
The configuration of an internet connection with an external USB UMTS stick is described using the example of a bintec RS230aw featuring bootimage 7.9.1 patch 2. The configuration is effected via Funkwerk Configuration Interface (FCI).

1. Requirements
  • A bintec RS230aw is used in the example. Other bintec router (RS series) with comparable software versions are configured identically.
  • It is only recommended to use USB UTMS sticks which are supported by bintec (more information on www.funkwerk-ec.com, then click at PRODUCTS, ROUTERS RS SERIES, SUPPORTED UMTS STICKS)
  • The USB UMTS stick HUAWEIA modell E169 is used in the example.
  • The menu items which are required for the configuration will appear as soon as the USB UMTS stick is plugged in and recognized.

2. Configuration of the UMTS interface
Please enter the SIM card pin code and the APN (access point name) on Physical Interfaces -> UMTS/HSDPA

The required APN can be requested from the UMTS-provider.

3. Configuration of the UMTS internet connection

Please configure the UMTS internet connection via WAN -> Internet+Dialup-> GPRS/UMTS.

Usually neither a user nor a password are required.

4. Test
The debug messages of the connection establishment are shown via monitoring -> internal protocol.



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