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Hints for the bintec Secure IPSec Client licensing
This FAQ contains a reference to licensing of the different versions of the bintec Secure IPSec Clients and the specifics of the particular Microsoft operating systems.

1. General
The bintec Secure IPSec Client licenses have eight digits and alwaysstart with 220.
Even if you buy e.g. five IPSec Clientsas a package, you get for every license a single sheet withitsown serial number.
If you activate an update, the bintec Secure IPSec Client always keeps his original serial number. After the online activation, you only get a new activation key, which enables the additional features.

An update allows at most two steps till the next or next but one major release. A leap to a major release is indicated by a change of the first digit after the dot or the digit before the dot in the version number.

2. Serial numbers and related software versions
For bintec IPSec Client licenses, there is no downgrade possible. Depending on the serial number a specified minimum software version is required.

All versions can be found in our download area.

The following table applies for all serial numbers without consideration of possible licence updates done by you.
If you are not sure if an update has been effected for a certain serial number so far, please refer to the bintec support.

serial number
to activate on
until 22009001
Windows NT, 98(SE), ME, 2000
from 22009002 to 22014002
Windows NT, 98(SE), ME, 2000, XP
from 22014003 to 22029003
Windows 2000, XP, Vista
from 22029004 to 22033003
Windows 2000, XP, Vista
from 22033004 to 22049901
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
from 22049902 to 22069399
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x
from 22069400
Windows Vista, 7, 8.x Windows 10

3. Installation of higher versions
Starting with your minimum software version, you can use all higher versions without updating the license. However just with the functional range of the licensed client version and as long as the used Windows version is still supported.

Installed 2.10, license 1.30 → functional range of 1.30.

To activate the client on Microsoft Vista, you need at least the functional range of version 2.0.

Installed 2.10, license 2.0x → functional range of 2.0x.

To activate the client on Microsoft Windows 8.x, you need at least the functional range of version 2.3.

To activate the client on Microsoft Windows 10, you need at least the functional range of version 3.0.


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