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Configuration of Port Mirroring with a funkwerk switch S1224p with FCI
This FAQ describes how to configure Port Mirroring with a funkwerk S1224p (Software V1.03) over the graphic user interface FCI (Funkwerk Configuration Interface).

Please start your browser (recommended Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher) and log in the switch.
Select the menu Port -> Port Mirroring
You have to configure the following values:

Port Mirroring State
- RX for receiving data packets
- TX for outgoing data packets
- Both for both directions

Analysis Port
The entire monitored data traffic of the port can be seen from the analyses port.
You can connect a LAN Analyser (e.g. Wireshark) to the Analysis Port.
In our example is Port 22 the Analysis Port.

Monitor Port
Please select the Ports, which should be mirrored.
In our example Ports 1, 2 and 3 are selected.

Afterwards please confirm the Configuration with Apply.

Note: The Configuration will not be saved as boot configuration, until pressing the Button SAVE CONFIGURATION.


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