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Wireless LAN connection between a bintec R232bw (Access Point) and an artem ComPoint Butterfly (Access Client)
This instruction shows the step-by-step configuration of a bintec R232bw as access point to connect from an artem ComPoint Butterfly as access client. The LAN is connected at both devices and is communicating via bridging.

Preliminary Notes:
  • It is recommended to use the current software version on the devices. In this manual release V.7.4 Rev. 4 Patch 2 is used on the router. Version 2.04 installed on the ComPoint.
  • A free intervisibility should persist between the devices.
  • The LAN interface of both devices has to be active (a host should be connected).

Configuration of the router as access point:
The first step is to set the routers LAN IP-address to with subnet mask

For the wireless LAN configuration you have to set your region (e.g. UK) in the menu: “Physical Interfaces” -> “Wireless LAN” -> “Global Settings”.

After that it is necessary to change the „Operation Mode” to “Access Point” in the menu “WLAN Radio Modules”.


Now it is possible to create a WLAN network by configuring the SSID in the menu “WLAN Networks”. Here you can also choose the encryption type. In this case it isn’t necessary to set an IP-address because of the bridging mode.


To allow the communication between LAN interface (en1-0-llc) and WLAN interface (vss2-0-llc) it is essential to activate bridging in the menu “Routing/Bridging“ -> "Bridging".


In a final step you should save this configuration as boot-configuration by using the “Save Configuration” button.

Configuration of the ComPoint Butterfly as access client.
The first step is to set the IP-address to by using the ComPoint Manager.


Now it is necessary to switch to the access client mode by using the Configuration interface in the menu “Wireless”. After a restart this menu allows you set the “Network Name” and the “Channel” as follows:


After a reboot it is possible to set the encryption for this WLAN connection ("Encryption Method" and "Pass Phrase") in the “Security” menu.


During a restart of the Compoint Butterfly the routers Logfile (menu: "Monitoring“ -> "Internal Log“) shows the following messages while reconnecting.

1970-01-01 05:47:27 Informationen Ethernet WLAN: Station [00:01:cd:11:93:8a] successfully associated to <FAQ-Netzwerk>
1970-01-01 05:47:27 Informationen Ethernet WLAN: Station [00:01:cd:11:93:8a] successfully authenticated



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