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Configuration steps of an ADSL internet connection (PPPoE) with the FCI
This FAQ describes how to configure a PPPoE internet connection with the new graphical HTML Funkwerk Configuration Interface (FCI) without the Wizard function. The configuration steps of the PPPoE connection and the settings of the internal DSL modem are displayed with R232bw and software release 7.4.4 patch 2.

1. ATM settings of the internal DSL modem:
Choose the WAN menu of the navigation bar and then click ATM.
Click the New button in the register Profiles to create a new modem profile. If you choose User Specified as Provider you can set the ATM parameters manually. The Type of PPPoE connections has to be set to Ethernet over ATM. VPI/VCI is set to 1/32 in this case but this may variegate from ISP to ISP. Choose bridged-no-fcs for the Encapsulation. The settings under Ethernet over ATM Settings can be left at the default values. Confirm your settings with the OK button.

2. Applying the PPPoE internet connection
Choose Internet + Dialup in the WAN menu and click the New button of the register PPPoE to add a new  internet connection.
Enter a name for the connection in the Description filed and choose the PPPoE Ethernet Interface. The user name and the password of your internet account has to be entered in the corresponding fields.
If you have a flat rate access you have to mark Always on (Flatrate).
After choosing the IP Address Mode Get IP Address you havt to enable the Default Route and Create NAT Policy. Confirm your input with the OK button.

In case the Status of your internet connection shows up as a green symbol with an up arrow your router is online.


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