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Basic configuration of an Internet connection via PPPoE with HTML-Wizard
The configuration of an internet connection via PPPoE is described for instance at the VPN Access 25 with Bootimage 7.2.1 Patch 9. The HTML-Wizard will be used for the configuration.

1. Preliminary note
  • Connect the router to the LAN as described in the manual.
  • Have ready your account data for the internet connection.
  • Please pay attention to the guidlines of your provider.

2. Running the HTML-Wizard
Please enter the IP address of your router in the Browser and click on "Initial Configuration", login with the account and password.

Please choose the config mode next.

Please choose the configuration section "Internet Access":

Click two times "NEXT" until the input of the IP address of the router:

After the input of the IP address and subnet mask click two times "NEXT" till the entry of the system password:

Due to security reasons we recommend to change the system password!

In the following overview you can check the previous input.

Please note the references on the following pages to assure you will be able to establish an internet connection.

In the following Menu please choose your Provider: in this example "common ISP".

Choose connection type xDSL.

Now enter your access information you received from your provider.

Click "NEXT" two times. In the following window you can verify the configured settings once more.

Afterwards you will be requested to save the created configuration.

Choosing "APPLY" will export the configuration to the flash memory and activate it on the router.

The router is now configured for internet access via PPPoE.

If you enter e.g.  http://www.funkwerk-ec.com you should be able to reach the Homepage of Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH.

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