FEC Onlineservices
Configuration of Network Address Translation (NAT) at Bintec routers
The FAQ in hand will explain the configuration of NAT at Bintec routers by an example of a X4100 with software release 6.3.4 Patch 4.

Preliminary note
The NAT function has been extended with Multi-NAT (Network Address Translation for Networks) since software release 6.2.2.
In this context the configuration for NAT has been adapted once more. Since this release all configurable parameters are adjustable in the Setup menu. This FAQ will not go into the details of Multi NAT. Further Information regarding Multi NAT you will find in the release note 6.2.2 at our download area.


  • The server for HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3 shall be reachable externally via the official IP-Address
  • The W2K-Terminal Server shall be reachable externally via the official IP-Address
  • For internal initiated SMTP sessions the private source IP address shall be translated to the official source IP address

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