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VPN-Tunneling between Windows XP VPN-Client and a Bintec router
This FAQ describes how to configure a VPN-PPTP tunnel between Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 1) and a Bintec X1200 II (Release 7.2.1 patch 9).


The Bintec router has a static official IP address and is used as the central VPN dial-in router.

The remote site is a Windiws XP PC/notebook (dynamic official IP) which establishes a VPN-tunnel to the central dial-in router via the internet

The Windows XP device will receive an IP address out of the LAN address range from the Bintec router.

  • Because of several changes to the PPTP/GRE-implementation in Service Pack 1 for Windows XP a software release 6.3.4 patch 2 (or higher) is recommended for a stable service.
  • Condition is a valid VPN license (Tunneling, VPN-PPTP) for the Bintec router

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