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IPSec LAN to LAN connection with usage of certificates
This FAQ is a short introduction of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and certificates and shows the step-by-step configuration of a LAN-to-LAN connection with the usage of certificates.
The authentication method in this case is RSA-Signature.
The configuration is illustrated with a X1200 and a X4100 with SW-Release 6.3.4 beta 4 IPSec.

Preliminary note
Basic condition for usage of IPSec on a Bintec router:
  • An IPSec image has to be installed
  • The IPSec-License has to be available

In this FAQ only the IPSec relevant configuration steps are explained.  Which means the basic configuration such as LAN IP addresses, running internet connection as well as the initial IPSec configuration with the IPSec Wizard is understood.

Details regarding the basic configuration can be found within the FAQ pages or in the user´s manual.


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