FEC Onlineservices
Stateful Inspection Firewall - Details regarding the configuration
This FAQ describes a simple configuration how to use the SIF function of the Bintec router in conjunction with IPSec.

Pleniminary note
The configuration of the SIF will be displayed on the example of a X1200 II with SW Version 7.2 Rev. 1 (Patch 1). The IPSec configuration will not be explained in this FAQ. Detailed Information regarding IPSec can be found in the categorie VPN-IPSec.

Requirements of the branch office: 

  • Connection of the PCs of the branch office to the PCs of the central site via the IPSec tunnel. The Bintec X1200 II is the IPSec tunnel endpoint.
  • Restricted internet access for the PCs in the branch office via the X1200 II. Only certain packets are allowed to be transmitted (e. g. http, https,ftp).
  • Direct telnet access to the X200 II from the branch office shall only be possible from the admin PC at the central site via the IPSec connection.
  • To realize this request the SIF function on the X1200 II shall be used.

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