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X8500: To determine the 'Software License ID'
References to determine the 'Software License ID' which is required for the licensing of software features at the X8500.

The reference for software licences on a X8500 is the hardware serial number of the internal Smart Media Flash Card (instead of the hardware serial number of the chassis) which is shown in the Setup Tool - Licences 'Software License ID':

X8500 Setup Tool                                       BinTec Communications AG
[LICENSE]: Licenses                                                       x8500

   Available Licenses:
     IP (builtin), OSPF, STAC, CAPI, BRIDGE

   Software License ID: XSH7D0WNINGSTREET10H2A7TREE

   Serialnumber        Used for                  Description      State
   default             Software                  easy licensing   ok

     ADD                 DELETE              EXIT

This 'Software License ID'  complies with the variable HwSerial in the biboAdmLicInfoTable which can be viewed at the (builtin) licence for "IP" (inx=00):

x8500:> biboAdmLicInfoHwSerial

inx HwSerial(ro)


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