FEC Onlineservices
To prioritise VoIP traffic in cooperation with Bintec - Innovaphone
The following FAQ shows an simple example how to use VoIP with Innovaphone products and QoS function on the Bintec X-Generation.


  • X-Generation-Router with software version 6.2.5
  • Leased Line Licence
  • Innovaphone IP200 Telefone (software version 4.00)
  • Innovaphone IP400 VoIP Gateway (software version 4.00)

Brief description:

Both networks are connected via a 64 kbit/s leased line (D64S) which is handled by the Bintec routers. Via this line both data and voice traffic will be transferred. Because VoIP is a time critical application there can be no major delay during the transmission.
Because of the QoS functionality of the Bintec routers voice traffic will be identified and prioritised accordingly. Through this a possible delay is going to be avoided. Without QoS all data packets (e.g. VoIP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc. ) would have the same priority, which would cause delay and packet loss in the voice traffic.

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