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Usage of ISDN interfaces with CAPI applications
How to define which ISDN interface will be used from the CAPI application

[1] | Capi 1.1| Capi 2.0
For each ISDN interface of the router (S0/BRI or S2M/PRI) a so called Stack is assigned. The numbering of the stacks always starts with 0.

The isdnStkTable shows the mapping of ISDN-intefaces <-> Stack-numbers. The varying number of the isdnStkTable shows the Stack-number and the variable "IsdnIfIndex" contains the ISDN-Interface-Index which is made up of  the Slot und Unit (see software reference).

Capi 1.1 Capi 2.0
Stack 0 Controller 0 Controller 1
Stack 1Controller 1Controller 2
Stack 2Controller 2Controller 3
All CAPI-controllers are available for the CAPI applications by default whereas some older CAPI application only are able to use the first controller (controller 0 with CAPI 1.1 or controller 1 with CAPI 2.0). Therefore such applications only can use ISDN-stack 0. 

With the usage of the CapiMultiControllerTable you can choose which ISDN-stack should be available for the CAPI controllers.

Type CapiMultiControllerTable on the router Shell to view the table.

x1200:> capiMultiControllerTable
 nx Number(*rw)              StkMask(rw)              Version(-rw)

Here you see the number of the CAPI-controller and "StkMask" shows the corresponding bitmask for the choice of the ISDN-stack.
By default this table is empty.

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