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RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service)
RADIUS is a client/server protocol used for the authentication of incoming connections. RADIUS is recommended when there are more than 100 WAN Partners. The user configuration of the RADIUS server is more comfortable and clear. It is possible to import users directly out of the database or to work with profiles.

RADIUS provides a security system to exchange authentication and configuration information between the RADIUS server and router. A database with authentication and configuration information is maintained on the RADIUS server.

Depending on the operating system there are several RADIUS solutions. The software is installed on a server in the LAN which takes over the authentication and the accounting from the BIANCA/BRICK.

Starting from software release 5.1.1 an extended 2 step configuration for RADIUS Dial-Our is possible.

Conditions for the described examples:
  • BIANCA/BRICK-XS, Software Release 5.1.1, IP address;
  • Steel Belted RADIUS Server Version 2.10, IP address;
  • BinTec specific attributes are used; therefore the files Radius.ini and dictiona.dcm have to be replaced in the services-Dictionary furthermore and the current Bintec-Dictionary has to be imported.
  • The romte site is a router (BinGO! Professional, IP address; for other remote sites (e.g. Windows Client with  ISDN card) slight changes are possible.

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