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VPN test access (PPTP) for Bintec router
Configuration of a router to router connection via a VPN connection to our VPN test access (PPTP).

  • Preliminary note
  • Network diagramm of the VPN test access
  • Configuration parameter
  • Incremental configuration of the Bintec router in the client LAN
  • Configuration Windows NT client PC
  • Test

Preliminary note
The configuration of the Bintec router is shown by the example of a X1200 (SW-Version: 6.2.5 Patch 1). A Windows NT (SP6) PC is used to test the connection.

Network diagramm of the VPN test access
The Bintec test network contains a Bintec X1200 router and a Windows NT 4.0 Server so that a complete remote access to a NT network (incl. domain login) can be tested.

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