FEC Onlineservices
How to determine whether a CAPI application is registered on the router
The router registers the announcement of CAPI applications in the capiApplTable.
To view the capiApplTable please enter the following on the shell:

x1200:> capiApplTable
inx Number(*ro)       Version(ro)       ByteOrder(ro)   RegLevel3Cnt(ro)
    RegMsgCnt(ro)     RegDblkCnt(ro)    RegDblkSize(ro)

00  1                 capi20            little_endian     1
    -1                7                 2048

The example shows the registration of a CAPI 2.0 application.

Only if there is an according entry in the capiApplTable the CAPI application is registered on the router. If not you have to check the settings of your application and the CAPI configuration on the PC.

If the capiApplTable contains more than 1 dataset it is possible to determine the allocation of datasets to the CAPI applications in activating and deactivating of the application.

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