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Accounting and system messages
[1] Accounting und system messages, Accounting Messages, ISDN Accounting Messages
Accounting und system messages
There are two categories of syslog messages; accounting messages and system messages.

Accounting messages are generated from the subsystem acct (see subject-field of the biboAdmSyslogTable).

System messages are generated in dependency of  the license for every subsystem of the router (isdn, inet, x25, ipx, capi, ppp, bridge, config, snmp, x21, token, ether, radius, tapi, ospf, fr, modem).

Accounting Messages
Accounting messages are used to report accounting information.

It may bargain either for ISDN connections or for IP connections, which are handled via the router.

Accounting information can be identified via they keyword ACCT, ISDN messages via ISDN and IP messages via INET.

The messages can also be found in the biboAdmSyslogTable or via an syslog server in the LAN.

It is also possible to configure syslog server via the WAN, but this is not recommended because there may be the possibility of  high costs because of this connection (ISDN).

ISDN Accounting Messages
An ISDN accounting message contains detailed information regarding a ISDN call, e.g. whether the call was successfull or not. The content and format of an ISDN accounting message may vary in accordance to the isdnAccountingTemplate. The templates can be found in the ISDN table.

Please see the below example for an possible format of an AccountingTemplate and its meaning. The default accouting template looks like this:


Below is an extract of which messages are generated by the account template.

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