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Serial update
This FAQ describes a software update on the example of a BinGO! via a serial connection with the Xmodem protocol.

[1] Preliminary note, Notes, Conditions
Preliminary note
This method is adaptive for all Bintec routers with Bootmonitor.

The update takes place from version 4.6 Rev. 1 to version 4.8 Rev. 3. 
The Hyperterminal of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 is used as the terminal application.

Please save the current configuration file by using TFTP (see User's Guide) before performing the update.

An update via the serial connection over Xmodem disrupts the running business noticeable longer and needs more configuration effort than an update in the LAN via TFTP.

From software version 4.6 Rev. 1: The existing Configuration will not get lost due to a software upgrade but slight variations are feasible. Therefore you should verify the router settings and if necessary adjust the settings after an update. This is particulary valid for access-lists which have a new structure from version 4.8 Rev.1 (see User's Guide or Release Note 4.8.2 / 4.8.1) and Proxy ARP which has to be activated if needed as well on the WAN Partner side from version 4.9 Rev.1 (see. User's Guide or Release Note 4.9.3 / 4.9.1).

When updating a version earlier than 4.8.1 to version 5.1.1, or higher it is necessary to do a intermediate step and upgrade to version 4.9.3 because of the access-lists and save the configuration (see Release Note 5.1.1).

Please always pay attention to the available Release Notes on our web site. There you will find the documentation of changes which result from enhancements of the system software.

Serial access to the BinGO! has to be established (see manual: "getting started" and User´s Guide).

The appropriate update file (here: c:\brick\bgo_483.bg) has to be available and error-free. Therefore the download exclusively should be initiated with the right mouse button out of the browser window. An alternative is a FTP download.

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