FEC Onlineservices
The most often misconfiguration issues
Device isn't reachable via Ethernet
Please don't use a crossover ethernetcable, if you want to connect the device via cable to your pc.

Please check out the correctness of your IP-Adress.

Compoint manager doesn't finds ESC
For the configuration of the ESC please use the ESC-Manager. This tool is at  following directory  on the cd:  \funkwerk_CD\ End_Of_Life\Ethernet_Serial_Client.
A configuration with the Compoint Manager isn't possible.

How do I set the ESC to factory default?
Please start the ESC-Manager with following paramters: Reset_PW. After that when you start the programm the ESC will be set to factory default.

Hint: You can change the link of the shortcut of your desktop in following way : right click on the shortcut and change the paramter to  "C: \ESC.exe" Reset_PW .

Is it possible to access the ESC without a serial cable?
Yes, if you don't have serial cable you can access the ESC with ethernet cable, too. The default IP of the ESC is

Is it possible to access the ESC with a nullmodem cable?
No, with a nullmodem cable the serial connection doesn't works. You need a serial cable.

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