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How does roaming works? When does the client change the AP?
Roaming means that the client don't has to stay in one  AP's service area. You can walk with your mobile client from on service area to another one without loosing the connection. This process works automatically. The signal processor of the client card choses  for example the AP with the best signal level. At this, parameters like range resp.  signal quality and security options (authentification) are evaluated by the signal processor.

The client is connected to the AP via WPA encryption. But in the node table there is still sohwn.
At WPA-Encryption the Key is more asked than in WEP. Therefore the signal quality has to be better than for example at WEP encryption.  Please check out  range and the signalquality. Further please analyze the channels which you've chosen. Maybe you've got a collision wih other wlan-users/equipment  which you don't know. This is the case when you've got a low datarate.



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