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Compoint Manager
Which functionalitys does the Compoint Manger have?
With the CPM you have the capability of a firmwareupde on one or devices. Further you've got the possibilty to transfer a configuration from one device to several other devices. Please notice that following parameteres won't be transferred:

It's the password, the IP-Adress and the nodename of the device.

Another issue is that you need the CPM to set back the device to factory defaults in case of a lost passwort or a misconfiguration.

The device was not found by the Compoint Manager
Please check out the Compoint Manager (CPM) wether you entered under the menu extras->options->ethernet     the right IP-Adress . In the most cases it is forgotten to set here the right parameter.

Please notice that you've got to use a crossover cable when you're not using a switch.

When you know the ip Adress of the device you can add the device with the CPM. Please have a look ad "device->add!

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