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Antenna connector types
Enclosed you'll find a description of the most important antenna and cable connectors.


The TNC-Plug
The TNC-Plug, which is named after his inventor (Threaded Neill Concelmann) was developed at the end of the 1950.

The components of the first and second artem Compoint generation have a TNC-Plug.

The Enterprise-Series and the Wx000 resp. Wx002 have a R-TNCPlug. R stands for Reverse.


TNC-Plug                                             TNC-Jack



R-TNC Plug                                        R-TNC Jack              

The SMA- and R-SMA connector
SMA stands for Subminiature Version A und was developed in the 60's. There exists SMA and Reverse-SMA conncetors. Its differenced by male and female connectors.

This connector types are usually used by the Compoint Industrial, Compoint Butterfly and all the bintec Routers with WLAN functionality.


R-SMA Plug                                          R-SMA Jack

N-Type connector
The "Type N connector" was developed at the end of  1940 and is called after his inventor Paul Neil from Bell Labs. The Type N connector plug is also known as the first microwave capable connector. There exists a differencing between male and female, too.


N-Type Plug

Available adapter types
If you have existing Bridgelink, which has a Anennaconnector with TNC plug and you've got to connect it with the new devices which have the R-TNC connector. Then we can provide you adapters with which you can use the new devices with the existing equipment without any disadvantages.

Following there is a list with article numbers an and a description:

600 485  TNC (older devices) on R-TNC ( new Antennacabling).

600 406 R-TNC (new type of devices ) on TNC (old antenna cable)

600 395 R-SMA on TNC

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