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Configuration of a WDS link between Butterflys.
Configuration of a WDS link between three butterflys
The WDS link servs in this context as a range extension. The butterfly acts in this case as an Accesspoint and concurrently  it is connected via wds with another butterfly. The advantage of this constellation is that you're radio cell has a bigger radius.

Please notice that the WDS link is capable of WEP encryption mehtod only. When you activate WPA the WDS link itself will be unencrypted.

The procedure of the configuration is following: The structure is similar to the star topologie (see pic.) You give the first device the MAC-Adress of the second one. The second butterfly recieves the MAC-Adres of the first and third one. At the third device you put in the MAC-Adress of the second one (see pic).

 You can build up a WDS link with up to six Butterflys.

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