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Establishing an IEEE 802.1x authentification with the Wx000 or Wx0002
The connection of a IEEE 802.1x encryption via the Accesspoint (AP) is described in the following. Please notce that the AP
isn’t the main actor in this issue. The main issue is he configuration of the client and the Radius Server.

To configure the 802.1s encryption you’ve got to go to following menu: Control->Security->Authenticate->EAP
Under the menu “Server Config” (Pic. 1) you’ve got to set the Connection parameters of the Radius Server.
In cause of the fact that the connection isn’t established yet, you’ll see under Comm. state the status at disconnected.
This will change when you successfully set the connection options.

Pic 1: Server config

Pic 2: Edit IP-Adress

Following Parameters you’ve got to give in: The IP-Adress of the Radius Server, Authentication Port and the Authentication Secret
resp. Shared Secret

Pic 3: Edit Server Parameters

Following Parameter you’ve got to set in the Radius server, too . For example purposes we’re showing the Screenshot of Microsoft Windows2003 Server.

Pic 4: Prameters for the Radius Server

In the Radius Server you’ve got to type in the Shared Secret resp. Authentication Secret and the IP-Adresse, too.

At the end you’ve got to go activate the port. For this you’ve got to go to the Port:
Please set the IEEE802.1x at „enabled“ to activate this type of encryption.

Pic 5: Activation von IEEE802.1x

At the „Authentication cache“ you can check out the Access status. In Pic 6 you can see the successful connection to a radius server.

Pic 6: Authentication Cache

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